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Video games stands for the most important medium of the 21st century. Gamificaton is the use of game-thinking and game-mechanics in a non-game context in order to solve problems and engage users. You yourself may not be a gamer, but if your employees or your customers come from the Millennial batch, chances are the numbers are against you, as this short stat shows: video games market worth US$80 billion in 2017.;  there are more than 2.5 billion video gamers worldwide; active computer or video gamers play 13 hours a week on average; collectively, the planet is now spending more than 3 billion hours a week gaming; 69% of all heads of household play computer and video games; 97% of youth play computer and video games; 40% of all gamers are women; 1 out of 4 gamers is over the age of 50; The average game player is 35 years old and has been playing for 12 years; most gamers expect to continue playing games for the rest of their lives; on average, gamers fail 80% of the time and yet they still find the gaming experience enjoyable; 61% of surveyed CEOs, CFOs, and other senior executives say they take daily game breaks at work. More than half of these gameful executives say they play during work in order “to feel more productive".

If we can apply game mechanics to influence the positive behavioural change, this implies that successful and sustainable gamification can convert customers into fans, turn work into fun, or make learning a joy. The potential is enormous.

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