Codeless UI Testing: Take Next Step From Manual Testing


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Despite many misconceptions, manual testing is still prominent in the tech industry. While manual testing certainly has its benefits, most companies realize that as their scale continues to grow, the need for test automation becomes more prominent. However, with a steep learning curve of writing test automation with tools like Selenium WebDriver, many manual testers feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, the test industry saw this problem, and Codeless UI Testing Tools have been on the rise. With the declarative model in mind, manual testers can drag and drop testing operations in their Codeless tool of choice. This approach of allowing testers to use their expertise, without the need to be professional automation developers, empowers them and helps organizations to move forward.In this talk, we discuss Codeless testing by diving into tools like TestCraft, EndTest and UseTrace. We talk about ways to get started with this transition from Manual to Codeless Automation and how to ensure success during this testing shift.

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