HrOUG 2019

Annual Croatian Oracle Users Group (HrOUG) Conference is widely recognized as biggest and most important Oracle community gathering in region. 

Excellent location, rich Agenda and interesting Social program is key factor for succof the HrOUG conference.

Organisers will prepare 70-80 lectures and we expect 400 participants.

Best rated lectures at last years conference:


  1. Restful services and Remote SQL in Oracle APEX 18.1     - Richard Martens (smart4solutions) – an average rating 4,92  of 31 questionnaires
  2. You don't need any Javascript, CSS or HTML Knowledge for APEX – Peter Raganitsch (FOEX) - an average rating 4,92 of 19 questionnaires
  3. Oracle Text - A powerful tool for Oracle APEX (and other) developers – Niall Mc Phillips (Long Acre) - an average rating 4,91 of 31 questionnaires
  4. And Out of Chaos came the perfect APEX application – Alex Nuijten (allAPEX) - an average rating 4,88 of 40 questionnaires

Best Practicies

  1. Implementacija IN2 TMA aplikacije u Atlantic Grupi - Vjekoslav Matoić (IN2) - an average rating 4,85 of 16 questionnaires
  2. SmartDB: What worked and what did not work - Piet de Visser () - an average rating 4,80 of 16 questionnaires


  1. Database bare metal and autonomous data warehouse - Marko Saratlija (A1) - an average rating 4,93 of 27 questionnaires
  2. Oracle Database on AWS: Getting the Best out of RDS and EC2 – Maris Elsins (Pythian) - an average rating 4,88 of 13 questionnaires
  3. How DBAs can garner the power of the Oracle Public Cloud – Rene Antunez (Pythian) - an average rating 4,77 of 15 questionnaires



  1. An AWS DMS Replication Journey from Oracle to MySQL and Back  - Maris Elsins (Pythian) - an average rating 4,97 of 32 questionnaires
  2. Oracle Autonomous Database – Morana  Kobal (Oracle) - an average rating 4,91 of 41 questionnaires
  3. Questions of Identity: Windows SSO to Oracle Databases with Kerberos – Patrick Jolliffe (Li & Fung Trading) - an average rating 4,87 of 19 questionnaires

Development & Tools

  1. Creating QR codes within Oracle database – Zoran Tica  (ZT-TECH) - an average rating 4,98 of 22 questionnaires
  2. Forms is dead – really? – Jürgen Menge (Der IT Macher) - an average rating 4,91 of 17 questionnaires
  3. Testing concurrent transactions – Zlatko Sirotić (ISTRA TECH) - an average rating 4,87 of 19 questionnaires


  1. Your digital traces and how they can be used against you – Marko Rakar (White hat, red team) - an average rating 4,80 of 126 questionnaires

Until we will take new pictures last yers pictores will be just fine.

PICTURES from HrOUG 2017:

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VIDEOS from HrOUG 2017:

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Video FINAL (svi dani)

Video go-kart fun



4,79 Geertjan Wielenga (Oracle) – Mobile Development in JavaScript with Oracle JET (61 remarks)

4,70 Velimir Srića (EFZG) – Big data and Creativity: Innovative Cases and Examples (98 remarks)



4,91 Maris Elsins (Pythian) - Mining the AWR v2: Trend Analysis (35 remarks)

4,89 Kamil Stawiarski (ORA-600) - Back to the basics: TABLESPACES? but a little bit low level style (36 remarks)

4,73  Boris Oblak (Abakus plus d.o.o.) - Value Added Backup (22 remarks)



5,00 Roel Hartman (APEX Consulting) -  A Deep Dive into APEX JET Charts (16 remarks)

4,90 Carsten Czarski (Oracle) - Application Express and the REST of the world (31 remarks)

4,72 Alan Arentsen (Ordina) - Apex 5 plugins for everyone (18 remarks)


4,96 Alex Nuijten (All APEX) - Oracle 12c for Developers (27 remarks)

4,95 Alex Nuijten (All APEX) - Regular Expressions: Say What? (56 remarks)

4,91 Dubravko Miljković (HEP) – Dual Site Cluster of Application Servers on Hyper-V (23 remarks)

4,88 Patrik Franković (HEP) - Thick database concept by example (26 remarks)


4,88 Ilija Čačić (Ericsson Nikola Tesla) - One Stop Shop for Land Registry and Catastre (17 remarks)

4,79 Patrik Franković (HEP) - Power plant information management system - 12 years after (28 remarks)

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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at

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