Implementation of Oracle BPM / SOA at BH Telecom



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Wednesday, 14. October 2015., 10:15


Hall 1 Main



By the end of last year InfoDom Zagreb and InfoDom Sarajevo jointly started working on a strategic project in the BH Telecom. The project aims to raise the efficiency of business processes and the quality of operations, compliance with mandatory regulations, norms and standards, and a gradual and systematic introduction of organizational changes. One of the goals of the project is to enable business users to independently manage their business processes as well as the establishment and operationalization of the framework for Business Process Governance.In order to meet all user needs a software solution ORACLE BPM Suite is proposed, with its latest version of 12c enables a look at all the processes within an organization, from the highest (value chains) to the lowest level of processes (detailed BPMN 2.0). The system had proved to be the right choice for such a complex task.ORACLE BPM Suite 12c now provides support for effective modeling of business architecture, matching BPM projects with business strategy and documenting the objectives and monitoring their implementation. BH Telecom users in this way are enabled to independently, through Oracle BPM Suite in one place, held models of business processes and create executable software elements for their implementation, this is the first of a kind project in the region. For orchestration between existing systems, which are used in the implementation of horizontal business processes, Oracle SOA technology that ensures the implementation by its robustness is used.Software vertical flexibility and configurability, both by business users and development staff, fully and successfully meet the needs of the client. As a result, BH Telecom will get the current, best-in-class, standardized and automated process management system, with the process repository and processes, software documented in its AS-IS and TO-BE performances.

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Type: Lecture
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