Round table Oracle APEX – Today and tomorrow



Date and time

Thursday, 15. October 2015., 16:10


Hall 1 Main



This year will be remembered as the year of APEX! In front of us we have the new generation of well known tool for modern application development with the Oracle database. The intention of this round table is to initiate the discussions about why APEX is successful among the development tools, about user feedback, APEX 5 developer point of view and the needed improvements – and finally discuss the APEX future. Dario Bilić from BiLog, as the moderator of APEX track, will comment on the Questionnare that  was initiated to get the represenative overview of APEX among the conference attendees.  Dario will lead the discussion together with Joel Kallman and Deneš Kubiček.


Joel Kallman from Oracle, as the director of APEX Development and one of the first authors of APEX will give us the best impression where APEX is today and what are the intentions of Oracle for APEX future. Vladislav Uvarov, a member of APEX development team will  join this discussion.

The discussion will also include the leading names from APEX community  Deneš Kubiček, Peter Raganitsch, Roel Hartman, Alex Nuijten – Oracle ACE directors, who promote APEX and are one of the most valuable members of APEX community. Also, all APEX presenters will take part in the discussion and contribute to the discussion and answer any questions.

Active participation of conference atendees if welcome, asking questions during the round table or filling the questionnare before the conference. Take part in the APEX round table and use the opportunity to talk with the leading APEX experts.

Lecture details

Type: Round table
Level of difficulty: General
Experience Level: No experience
Desirable listeners function: All of them

About speaker

The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at

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