Case study: Replenishment and management of newspapers, Tisak Zagreb



Date and time

Wednesday, 14. October 2015., 11:30


Hall 1 Main



We will present case study of new software solution for circulation and management of newspapers in Tisak d.d.POSiA system for wholesale and retail also offers and a module for distribution management, transportation and replenishment.• Included are profit centers for wholesale customers as well as our own retail outlets.• Definition and management of assortment on profit center level.• Monitoring sales and inventory for each profit center.• The initial import of historical sales data and inventory by profit centers.• Management of distribution at the micro and macro lines using your own, someone else's or public transport (road and air).• Making of the accompanying address material.• Accounting of transport.Contracts with partners (customers and suppliers) support:• Defining commercial terms to the level of items with a time component;• Billing and invoicing period;• Advance.To plan sales and inventory based on historical data, Infoart developed a model for predicting future sales of certain items and, accompanying module for easy review and management of calculated projections.

Lecture details

Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: General
Experience Level: No experience
Desirable listeners function: End user , Team leader , Manager

About speaker

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