Secrets of ADF Scheduling Gantt



Date and time

Wednesday, 14. October 2015., 15:55


Hall 5 Apartmants



WEB applications development based on tasks assignment - schedule Gantt – results in concentrated development of one page, with as much as possible functionalities supported. It is necessary to take care on data model, data accuracy and operation performances, drawing speed of scheduling Gantt and naturally, user interface, which should be acceptable for end users. During the development process of MisH Wellness - Essential ADF application, we needed to address Scheduling Gantt topics on a deeper level. We will present some of the most important details that have been encountered in this process:• data model schedule, how to create it manually and the difference in relation to the automatic binding,• different tuning options on view objects that proved to be the fastest for scheduling Gantt,• train component, through which a new task entry and update of data on an existing task have been implemented,• altaSkin.css is also used in the application – we will present the changes on the skin, which needed to be done in order to get satisfactory appearance of Gantt.All the presented solutions have been tested on two application servers: Web Logic and GlassFish. The performance level of the application is satisfactory on both application servers. Since the GlassFish is "open source" solution and the application is developed with ADF Essential set of tools, we managed to greatly reduce deployment costs for customers.Join us!

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Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: Detailed
Experience Level: No experience
Desirable listeners function: Developers

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