Continuous integration of Oracle pl/sql and Oracle Forms


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Thursday, 20. October 2016., 16:00


Hall A



These days software development is a very dynamic job. Enterprise systems require continuous tracking, auditing and monitoring of all changes being made during development cycle. Real time processing of collected data become a discipline that knows how to uncover potential problems before applying new changes into the production environment. New function, as well as fixes to are continuously delivered by developers and therefore increase the complexity of the enterprise system life cycle. Due to such need to have smart real time data processing, continuous integration system is introduced.Fundamentals of Continuous Integration (CI) is based on the monitoring of the core system development process. It covers all actions in the development team and connects application source code, as on output of source control system, with deploy mechanisms. Deploy mechanism understands how to communicate with the Oracle database, Oracle Forms and transports these objects into the WebLogic Server in real time.Access to CI system is enabled through web interface. Graphic presentation indicate, that each step in the development process (development, test, production) should always be in green, ready for delivery at any time. Flexibility of CI system lets you choose source control system of user’s preference. Furthermore, a vertical scaling of users is available to assigning various roles, such as developers, build engineers, testers, etc. Global monitoring can be enabled for quicker response in case of a failure. Analytical advantages of CI system lay in mutually linked events which describe each change with its root cause and detailed logs.This presentation will show how the continuous integration system is used in development departments of Intesa Sanpaolo Card. It will demonstrate benefits of its use as well as key savings in the daily business.

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