Forms & Reports 12c - step forward and the last step


Development & Middleware

Date and time

Friday, 21. October 2016., 16:00


Hall C



Forms and Reports 12c is the current version of the well known Oracle's RAD tools. The 12c version of Forms have made a step forwardin its possibilities: added new features in the development, as well as in the start forms applications.Unfortunately for Reports 12c this is the last step, because they are deprecated and suggestion is to start using existing tool BI publisher.In the presentation, comments on: types of installation, deployment of new forms, integration with BI Publisher, configurationReports-through MBean browser and lots more.

Lecture details

Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: Detailed
Experience Level: Experienced
Desirable listeners function: System Analist
Group of activity: Development and Tools

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