Visoko učilište Algebra, od tehnologije do eLeadersip-a, obrazovanje novog doba


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Thursday, 20. October 2016., 16:55


Hall D



Organizations need a new type of leaders who will accomplish business objectives using technology. e-Leadership is transformation, disruption and opportunity in age of digital economy. It’s much more than just a digital transformation.

In a fast changing world dominated by technology the lack of e-Leadership education is striking. So is the limited offer of targeted programs that support digital transformation. University College Algebra, Zagreb (Croatia) is among the first in Europe having developed an e-Leadership MBA program in cooperation with faculty members at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, one of the top ranked business schools in the United States. The idea of 2 years and 120 ECTS points program has been based on best MBA programs (with core MBA courses), supplemented by:

  • Full implementation of proposed requirements set by new EU e-Leadership initiative, promoting e-Leadership competences developed by: IDC, INSEAD and EU Commission
  • Full implementation of AMBA content criteria for the MBA studies accreditation

The program has total of 17 (+1) modules (courses) planned in duration of 40 contact hours each (total of 720 contact hours), case study and final thesis. In a nutshell, program includes all of the 1st year MBA core courses available in most top quality MBA programs and a number of 2nd year courses that actually present framework in technology field, following key e-Leadership recommendations.

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