Deploying PL/SQL applications, building Rome in a day


Development & Middleware

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Friday, 20. October 2017., 14:00


Hall C



All roads lead to Rome but some roads just are more comfortable than others. I found a really nice road to ride when it comes to deploying PL/SQL and APEX applications.Windows users use an MSI-file to install their applications, Apple users use their own packages. But what do PL/SQL users do? Usually they export stuff from the database and fabricate some kind of installer procedure.How nice would it be if you just click \'install\' and your application will be deployed? Or is this too good to be true? I don\'t think so!If you follow the right procedures during the development process, this installation process could be the smoothest way. In this session I will show you my way to Rome.And... I will even let you peek inside my PL/SQL installer.

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Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: General
Experience Level: Experienced
Desirable listeners function: Developers

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