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Wednesday, 18. October 2017., 14:50


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Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) is a platform for application deployment that has all the required features for even the most complex enterprise application. One of the important features is certainly support for high availability because more and more applications must work without interruption because each minute of downtime causes significant financial losses. Oracle FMW has all the necessary features that fulfill even the most stringent high availability requirements that enterprises can request for their business critical applications. This platform is also very flexible because it offers various options for available architectures that fulfill user requirements for high availability. This platform is also very flexible so that it offers different options for architectures to fulfill requirements for high availability.

In this presentation, I will show one such architecture for Oracle FMW that enables us to deploy different applications in active-active mode across two different geographic locations. In each architecture layer, that consists of load balancers; web, application and database servers and disk storage; two components are installed – one on each of two locations. Components in each layer of the architecture are clustered so that they can work in active-active mode. Such an architecture enables applications to work without interruption in the case when one component fails in each architecture layer. In this case, second component, in cluster configuration with failed component, transparently continues to serve user requirements without interruption. Architecture must include redundant communication links and servers with redundant and hot pluggable components to completely fulfill high availability requirements.
High availability architecture, that I am going to describe, is implemented in virtual environment using Oracle VM virtualization platform. This platform was chosen because it fulfills all high availability requirements and enables us to optimize Oracle license cost. Servers that are offered on the market include more and more processors with large number of cores to fulfill ever-increasing demand for processor resources used by modern applications. Number of Oracle processor licenses that we must buy is directly related with number physical processors and cores that server has. If we use Hyper-V or WMware virtual platform for Oracle products, Oracle licensing rules dictate that we must license all physical processors and cores. Advantage of Oracle VM platform is that, on this platform, we must license only number of virtual processor cores that our virtual machines are using. This enables us to reduce Oracle licensing cost by licensing only cores that we are using. If in the future we require more processor cores, we can reconfigure virtual machine and buy Oracle licenses only for those additional cores.

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