Challenges of Maintenance and Improvment of Data Bases and Virtual Mchines on ODAs


DBA & Infrasturcture

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Friday, 18. October 2019., 09:30


Hall A



This paper presents the possibility of exploiting and improving the database state in the Oracle database appliance. It starts from the internal physical organization to logical organization at the database level and virtual machines/servers level. Instead of the classic disk redundancy protection using the old RAID 0,1,5 redundancy, ASM (Automatic server management) is used as a software designed data protection on disks. At the next level, an ACFS Oracle file system is used, which is also used by the databases as the logical space for placing datafiles. The topics of the division of ODA into sections using the database (DOM1) with the associated set of licenses and the part that can be used by virtual machines/servers for different purposes are also discussed. Topics were discussed how the increase of data in the tables has impact on the database performance, but also on the reduction of data redundancy, the impact on the complexity of the index structure, the use of partitioned tables, and the possibilities and ways of their archiving. It also shows the ability to create databases on remote disks outside the ODA device where the database instance is actually using the ODA device for data processing. We will also see how to configure new virtual machines on these devices and how they use space and processor with the corresponding set of licenses.

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Type: Lecture
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