Data exchange between Electricity Market participants- Improve it to control it


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Friday, 18. October 2019., 09:30


Hall C



A stand alone database of meter data (abbreviated SBMP) is an information system of HEP ODS for collecting, processing and sending metering and billing data to market participants, including data of automatic meter readings.Legal regulations and organizational changes in HEP Group companies as participants in el. energy market has brought many challenges in the process of adapting the existing mode of operation and business. Of course, the changes reflected on IT systems that support those business processes.SBMP as a central system for communication with market participants has gone through transformation in every aspect - visually, technologically, substantively.We give a description of this transformation - the state of the situation found, the review of new processes in the system, the description of integration with internal and external systems, especially with remote reading systems, and a description of logical and technical solutions that responded to the challenges and problems we encountered.

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