Face tracking in augmented and virtual reality


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Thursday, 17. October 2019., 14:30


Hall D



Face tracking technology is used to detect and track feature points on human faces. It serves as a foundation for many important functions - from determining the head position and gaze direction to detecting facial expressions and creating 3D models necessary for graphical augmentations. Among various useful applications of these functions, the most fascinating ones are related to AR and VR. A possibility to virtually try on makeup, glasses, or jewellery is a must-have for brands in cosmetics, beauty, eyewear, and lifestyle industries, while facial masks are an entertaining addition in games and specific marketing apps. Nowadays, facial augmentations are not implemented only in smartphone apps, but they also appear on other devices such as smart mirrors. The realm of VR is characterized by another set of goals in terms of making virtual avatars more realistic, with facial expressions that reflect those of the actual users. In order to win opportunistic positions in the intensively forming market, vendors are trying to improve social experiences in virtual reality and make their platforms more immersive. On their paths, they face interesting technical opportunities due to demanding expectations of seamless performance in various conditions. This talk is about all different use cases of face tracking in AR and VR with a brief technical background and a lot of market insights, brought by Visage Technologies, one of the leading companies in the field of face tracking.

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