Gordan Krekovic Visage Technologies

Gordan Kreković is the CEO of Visage Technologies, a company specialized in computer vision technology and the leading provider of face tracking and analysis solutions. Gordan has a PhD in Computer Science and more than 9 years of experience in managing software products, teams, and departments. Before joining Visage Technologies, he worked at NTH Group, AdCumulus, and Bellabeat. Gordan started his professional career as a Product Manager at NTH Group and became the Head of Product Management after two years. The next step was a CEO position at AdCumulus, a company within NTH Group focused on developing software for mobile and online advertising, where he managed various strategic and operational aspects and scaled the company from its first customer to the break-even point. While leading the Data Science team in Bellabeat, he created the concept of an AI-powered chatbot health coach and worked on multiple machine learning algorithms for smart devices. Gordan is also an active independent researcher with continuous engagement in the scientific community.


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